The Build Up Is Beginning

It is starting.

Even though I do not officially start until Monday next week (5th November and the day after my birthday) I have started working things out.

I have decided that the best ‘DIET’ for me is going to be loosely based around weight watchers Pro Points. I have done this in the past and I can get my head around it easily enough. But I am going to give myself time off at the weekends. Namely¬†Saturday¬†night and Sunday. Treat Day is you will. I am hoping this will give me a carrot at the end of every week to look forward to and keep me on track.

Also I have already downloaded a couple of apps. Being a man I do love a gadget and these two seem to be excellent, although only time will tell.

1 – WeightWatchers PointsPlus Calculator

Although this is not an actual food log It will help me to work out the pro points value of everything I am eating. It is free and a good place to start. I might find something better as time goes on.

2 – Accupedo

I pedometer for my phone just so I can check up on my activity. Already this morning I worked out that my walk to work is 3.01 miles and 6500 steps. That will help!!

It is all coming to a head soon!!



Welcome to The Slim Boy Fat Chronicles

Hi there!!

My name is Scott. I started this blog for myself to keep an online journal of my progress in the quest to be a healthier man.

I wanted a way to keep track of how I am going, feeling, how hungry I am and also what I look like as I try to get myself back into shape.

You see in a years time I will be 40 and I do not want to enter that milestone year the size I am at the moment. I feel like a balloon.

I am very lucky in that I have a very loving and supportive family that love me for who I am, but I want to be healthier (also I want smaller clothes).

I am not interested in becoming the weight the BMI says I should be, that is too small for me. I have been there and it wasn’t nice. I am looking to eat healthier, lose 3 stone (42 pounds) and live longer.

This journal will be my daily task. To keep track of my weight with photos. Also I will keep track of what I am eating with hopefully some great recipes and tricks I find along the way.

If you are reading this then thank you for stopping by. This is not going to be an overnight thing but an ongoing task to lose and keep off the weight.

I have set the goal for 5th November 2012 to start this plan. I wanted to get this all set up and ready to go before hand. so get ready for my first weigh in and photo on that day.

Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading