The Build Up Is Beginning

It is starting.

Even though I do not officially start until Monday next week (5th November and the day after my birthday) I have started working things out.

I have decided that the best ‘DIET’ for me is going to be loosely based around weight watchers Pro Points. I have done this in the past and I can get my head around it easily enough. But I am going to give myself time off at the weekends. Namely Saturday night and Sunday. Treat Day is you will. I am hoping this will give me a carrot at the end of every week to look forward to and keep me on track.

Also I have already downloaded a couple of apps. Being a man I do love a gadget and these two seem to be excellent, although only time will tell.

1 – WeightWatchers PointsPlus Calculator

Although this is not an actual food log It will help me to work out the pro points value of everything I am eating. It is free and a good place to start. I might find something better as time goes on.

2 – Accupedo

I pedometer for my phone just so I can check up on my activity. Already this morning I worked out that my walk to work is 3.01 miles and 6500 steps. That will help!!

It is all coming to a head soon!!



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